Shanghai Residents Live Happier Ever After with VIVOTEK IP Solution
The committee of the Golden Stone Garden Community in Shanghai, China had relied on a CCTV system for maintaining residential security. However, with increasing security problems such as burglary, robbery and fire accidents and rising demands from growing residents, the CCTV system had become ineffective and inadequate. In the hope of creating a safer residential environment and improving management efficiency, the committee was looking to scale up the existing system. In view of the expansion flexibility and management convenience provided by IP surveillance systems, the committee decided to deploy VIVOTEK's network cameras for future proof. They also installed several VIVOTEK VS7100 video servers, turning the existing analog system to digital, so as to protect their investments in the CCTV systems.

Over 30 VIVOTEK network cameras were installed for this project, including IP7131 at the entrance and outside the buildings and TC5330 in the hallways. An external alerting system is connected to the IP7131 via their digital input/output ports so as to notify the security staff and the residents on an event. Because of its low light performance, TC5330 were installed in the hallways to ensure image quality under poor-light conditions. Both of the two models provide 3GPP support, allowing the committee to monitor activities inside and outside the community even when out of office. In addition, the committee installed the free-bundled central management software ST7501 for easy and efficient video management. ST7501 supports up to 32 channels, allowing the committee to manage and control all cameras centrally from one server.

The cost-effective IP surveillance system enables the community committee to benefit from the advantages of digitization at an affordable price. It significantly enhances the committee's emergence response capability and management efficiency. "Live monitoring is much easier and more convenient now. Besides, we can quickly locate the recorded video images we want without playing hours of tape to search for an incident." said the chief of the committee. "Since we intend to expand the system in the future to meet growing demands, adopting an IP solution is undoubtedly more cost- and labor-saving for long-term conditions."
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