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Vivotek Hdcctv Solution can be applied to virtually anywhere, any conceivable application and situation. It is a High Resolution, Wide Coverage and Cost Effective HDcctv Solution.
Apartment / House
This entity houses the most precious assets that deserves your utmost attention. Our Vivotek Wifi IP camera not only gives you clear video but you save on your cabling cost and no ugly cable running in the house.
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A megapixel camera can provide detailed images of the activities in a casino for forensic purposes. By allowing the administrator to track target movement and clearly identify cards, dice numbers, or chips on the table, the establishment is more easily able to prevent gambling fraud.
With wide coverage capabilities, a megapixel network camera enables a driver or remote site operator to monitor activities inside a bus or train without blind spots. A megapixel camera can also be installed in the cabin to provide video of the vehicle surroundings to avoid car accidents.
A megapixel network camera can enhance the security levels in bank areas such as at the ATMs or counters where crime is more likely to occur. It can provide extremely clear images of an individual or an on-going activity to facilitate real-time identification or post-event investigation.
Surveillance is utmost important in airports. A megapixel camera can meet the demanding requirements of an airport with subtle details, helping the administrator accurately identify suspicious individuals or objects.
Shopping Malls
Megapixel camera can provide a full view of a shopping mall with exceptional detail, an administrator can keep an eye on any part of a store at all times and track customer movement. With such wide coverage, any customer in need can be recognized and served immediately.
Parking Lots
The high resolution video provided by megapixel cameras allows for accurate and easy identification of vehicle license plates, enabling an administrator to manage security more effectively. With an overview of the parking lot, an administrator can control traffic and guide vehicles in and out with ease.
A HDcctv megapixel solution can keep pupils, staff and school or university property safe. With high resolution image quality will enable the administrator to identify, discipline or prosecute with strong evidence.
Petrol Station
More and more petrol stations use megapixel cameras at their point-of-sale and also at their filling station pumps to monitor and to record the number plates of their customers clearly.
Megapixel cameras are being deployed in clinic and hospital. It is now very popular in hospital's ICU rooms. Megapixel camera not only allows nurses or doctors to monitor the patient but with the high resolution of the camera can actually help the nurses or doctors to see clearly the medical equipment readings.
Megapixel cameras are now widely used in factories and warehouses, especially those factories or warehouses that handle high value goods. With a megapixel camera deployed at a high ceiling's vantage point, one single megapixel camera can has a wide coverage of the area and can perform a post recorded video footage pan-tilt-zooming.
Once megapixel cameras are being deployed, not only the human activities at the premise can be monitored but the movement of the merchandises and files can also be identified and tracked.
Megapixel camera is now a standard for the point-of-sale, cash register's camera point. Currency denomination and type or merchandise being changing hands can be clearly seen with a megapixel camera.  Losses related to POS transaction is the main cause of the inventory shrinkage and money shortage.