VIVOTEK Creates a Safe Learning Environment for Noor Language School
Noor Language School in Egypt had been seeking to prevent campus crimes and violence and protect the lives of the faculty and students. Apart from campus security concern, the administrator also hoped to reduce accidents such as sport injuries or lab incidents. Arabian Information Systems, VIVOTEK's system integrator in Egypt, thus helped the school deploy an IP surveillance system with VIVOTEK's network cameras so that the school can benefit from the remote monitoring and scalability advantages.

A total of 23 VIVOTEK network cameras were installed on campus including PT7135, IP7131, IP7132 and FD7131. The newly launched 32-channel central management software ST7501 was also used to enhance system management efficiency.
PT7135 that offers full coverage with pan/tilt capabilities were installed to monitor the spacious main playground, along with an enclosure with built-in heater and fan to ensure functional operation in temperature extremes.
For corridors and small rooms such as the accountant room, computer lab, teacher room and administration rooms where network infrastructure and wireless access points are already in place, PoE-enabled IP7131 and WLAN-supported IP7132 were used so as to reduce cabling costs.
The reception was installed with several FD7131 featuring an elegant design so as to fit in with the décor. The cameras were also used in accident-prone places such as the swimming pool and the KG playground so that parents can view their children's activities on a 3G phone with the 3GPP functionality.
The IP surveillance system significantly improves the administrator's controllability over campus activities. "The system keeps me alert to incidents so that I can take immediate action" said the administrator, "Also, the scalability of ST7501 really benefits us a lot because we plan to scale up the system in the future to meet our growing needs."
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