VIVOTEK PZ6114 Improves Wilkes-Barre City Security
In order to reduce street crimes and protect governmental buildings, the government of the City of Wilkes-Barre in the United States has deployed eight VIVOTEK PZ6114 network cameras on the streets around an intermodal construction site.

The increasing crime rates, particularly robbery and street violence, have been a headache to the government of Wilkes-Barre. In addition, the police have failed to prevent or stop crimes in time as suspicious objects or individuals were not reported immediately, putting the citizens' lives at high risks. Finding it extremely difficult and time-consuming to track down crimes, the government was seeking an efficient and effective video surveillance system to solve public security problems.

Due to the fact that network cameras can provide much more clear images than CCTV systems and allow for remote monitoring and immediate reaction, the government has opted for an IP surveillance system. Meanwhile, as the place of interest is a wide open area and cameras were planned to be installed on a distributed basis, the government needed cameras with wireless functionality to reduce cabling costs.

In light of such demand, an IP surveillance system consisting of eight VIVOTEK PZ6114 network cameras was deployed on the four corners of the intermodal transportation facility and connected to the police headquarters, where the control console is located. The eight network cameras are installed in pairs, along with a Proxim 5054 wireless bridge for backhaul to the city hall so as to keep the government updated with the activities on the streets.

Since VIVOTEK PZ6114 features 10x zoom capability, it can easily zoom in on any distant objects so the operator can rapidly capture clear-cut images. The eight network cameras offer a wide range of view with 270 horizontal pan and 135 vertical tilt, giving the police comprehensive control over the place of interest. In addition, the control site gains mutual communication capability with PZ6114's two-way audio functionality. Flexibility in monitoring and recording is also improved thanks to PZ6114's dual-codec support, whereby video streams can be transmitted in either MPEG-4 or MJPEG formats.

The deployment of PZ6114 significantly improves the police's efficiency in dealing with cases because accidents are reported immediately to allow for instant rescue and help. By gaining complete control over the activities on the streets, the police can prevent and stop crimes in time. Three days after the installation, the police station made its first arrest with the clear camera images and through PZ6114's two-way audio functionality. With incidents being dealt with that probably would not have been, the citizens' feelings of safety and security have significantly enhanced.

• Cabling Convenience
With wireless support, the trouble and costs from deploying network cables is tremendously reduced. The system can be easily expanded by adding new cameras to an access point nearby.

• Extensive Viewing Angle and Detailed Image Quality
The pan/tilt/zoom capability gives the control center a wide field of view without installing dozens of fixed network cameras, thereby reducing the deployment costs of IP surveillance solutions. In addition, the control center is able to identify distant and near objects with sophisticated detail.

• Mutual Communications
Two-way audio functionality enables communications between the control center and the people in the monitored area, so instructions and responses can be conveyed immediately.

• Monitoring Flexibility
Dual-codec support (MPEG-4/MJPEG) offers great flexibility in terms of image quality and bandwidth consumption as the control center can choose a desirable compression format based on their needs.
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