Remote Video Streaming via GPRS
Singapore Power station, a power station organization in Singapore, recently upgraded its remote surveillance system with VIVOTEK's video servers. They used to use single channel capture cards and self-developed application software to remotely view the operation room of each commercial building from their headquarters. However, as the scale of business expanded, they found there is very little room for future upgrading at both of remote sites and the control center. Additionally, they expected they can choose to view at a high or low bandwidth depending on the bandwidth available at that specific time no matter if the bandwidth is shared with other applications.

Kztech Marketing & Supplies Pte Ltd, a distributor of VIVOTEK in Singapore, worked together with their software partner - NANO to offer an easy-to-upgrade solution for them after a long investigation and evolution. This cost-effective system adopted VIVOTEK's video server -- VS7100 and customized viewing software for video transmission via GPRS at limited bandwidth by using Quicktime Player with RTSP protocol. VS7100 comes with numerous advanced features fully meeting their requests including:

• Dual streams: capable of transmitting one stream at a high frame rate and the other at a lower frame rate.
• MPEG-4 compression: allowing the quality of video to be preserved at low bandwidth.
• A range of video parameters: to be precisely calibrated in the field to suit the GPRS transmission characteristics.
• Remote viewing via GUI with multi-screen and map using HTTP protocol.

"This new system is providing us with the optimum between bandwidth and image quality than the previous installation and we are now expanding it further to cover other regions. We are so satisfied with the upgrade result of using VIVOTEK's video servers, which not only fully meets our needs today but also provides the network-based flexibility and upscale for the near future", said Mr Lee, Sales & Marketing manager of Kztech.
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