VIVOTEK Beefs up Egyptian Hospital
Security is a top priority for a hospital and the Egypt-based General Authority for Health Insurance Hospital is no exception. The hospital suffered from significant property losses and a perceived threat to patients' lives posed by theft and vandalism to medical equipment. Furthermore, managing the growing number of staff and patients and keeping operations under control weighed heavily upon the hospital managers. To improve security levels and management efficiency, the hospital approached Arabian Information Systems (AIS), VIVOTEK's distributor in Egypt, about a surveillance system.

AIS installed a number of VIVOTEK network cameras across the hospital, with the FD7131s and the IP7131s aimed for public regions, and the PZ6122s and the PT3122s for restricted access areas. The FD7131s in the reception area has a PIR sensor for human detection. If someone appears when the receptionist is unavailable, the manager will be alerted immediately. At the entrance and in the waiting rooms where light tends to be dimmer, the IP7131s boasting superior low-light performance were selected to ensure constantly stable image quality.

Restricted access areas such as operation rooms and intensive care units usually require wide-area surveillance. Hence, the PZ6122s and the PT3122s featuring a 270-degree pan and 135-degree tilt were called upon. The PZ6122s were furnished with 10x zoom capability, allowing it to provide more detailed images in the operation rooms for enhanced security.

VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system reinforces hospital security and management efficiency. With patients kept under observation 24/7, help can be delivered immediately when needed. With real-time remote monitoring, the hospital can detect illegal surgery and take immediate actions. Furthermore, the video images can serve as useful forensic evidence in the settlement of medical disputes. "After the installation of the surveillance system, we saw a significant decrease in break-ins and equipment damage. To our surprise, the enhanced security levels have translated into a 30% increase in hospital revenue." stated the hospital.
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