Keeping an Eye on Patients Suffering from Special Illness
Founded in 1971, Kahrizak Charity Foundation (KCF) in Tehran, capital of Iran, is a private, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization free of charge for physically handicapped, patients suffering from special illness, or elderly individuals with no financial resources. Many patients suffer from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and amnesia that need full-time care. Multiple Sclerosis is a kind of autoimmune disease that may lose eyesight, cause nerves pain, even lead to handicapped. However, due to limited budget, it is impossible for the hospital to arrange one caregiver for each patient. They have to take turns taking care of those patients.

In order to give full-time care to those patients, KCF decides to find a way to solve the problem. PFN Technology Co., a distributor of VIVOTEK, provided the hospital with a cost-effective solution by constructing an IP surveillance system. They installed up to 87 sets of the VIVOTEK IP3122 network cameras in corridors of the hospital and patients' rooms. With the free-bundled recording software ST3402 served as a control center for remote monitoring, the VIVOTEK IP3122 network camera cost-effectively helps them set up a complete surveillance system.

"IP-based surveillance system provides the most efficient way for nurses to control the real-time conditions of those who need full-time care," said Parissa Najafi, Commercial Manager of PFN Tech Co., "The doctors or nurses in the control center can quickly be aware of the situation through web browsers, so as to give the patients immediate care." By making use of the IP-based surveillance system, caregivers can monitor up to 16 patients at the same time. They don't have to hire more caregivers to patrol around, thus helps them save much time and money. Moreover, in the future, patients' families may be able to see them anytime, everywhere through the web browses. VIVOTEK's reliable, high-tech IP surveillance system definitely makes KCF a more modernized hospital.
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