VIVOTEK Effectively Enhances Hotel Security in Bali
The United Nations Climate Change Conference, hosted by the Government of Indonesia, took place in Bali during 3-14, Dec., 2007. Because an influx of more than 10,000 attendants was expected for this event during this period, every hotel was trying to grasp this business opportunity by differentiating itself from other competitors in services and facility. Aston Bali Resort and Spa, one of the well-known hotels, somehow, decided to focus on reinforcing their security system by adopting trendy IP surveillance as their marketing strategy to promote itself.

One of PT Hotware Indonesia's professional system integrator in Bali, helped them drew up a cost-effective IP surveillance system with VIVOTEK's SMB solution to meet their diverse needs. They deployed this whole project by installing ten of easy-to-use IP7135, six of PoE-supported FD7131, eight of Pan/tilt/zoom PZ6122 and eight of PoE-supported IP7131, along with the 16-CH free-bundled recording software ST3402.
For outdoors, IP7131 network cameras, protected by IP-66 enclosures, were placed at very high positions to monitor every corner outside the building to detect any possible threats. Offering superior quality MPEG-4 videos at 30 fps in full VGA resolution, the performance of IP7131 perfectly interpreted the character of "Real Time surveillance". PZ6122 network cameras featuring 10-time optical zoom plus wide pan/tilt movement were put on a 5 meter tilt over column in a glass dome housing and offered the coverage over the courtyards and along the ways to the private and public beaches.
For the indoor environment, they adopted the cost-effective IP7135 for internal management and placed them in meeting rooms, restrooms, and the staff offices. IP7135 is a cost-effective network camera, capable of delivering superior image quality and optimized bandwidth efficiency by MPEG-4 implementation. To fit Aston Resort and Spa's high-class decoration, the stylish dome-shaped FD7131 with Power over Ethernet (PoE) as well as 3-axis mechanism was the ideal selection for the deployment. FD7131 were installed for monitoring the doorways, lobby, hall, and the corridors. The PoE technology helped the installers eliminate the trouble of breaking the decoration for the power outlets placement. And, the 3-axis design has the cameras mounted either on a wall or ceiling without any dead angle when shooting.
"We do need a highly reliable security system that we could access and manage from anywhere in this huge district," says Hervier Hugues, General Manager of Aston Bali Resort and Spa. "Deploying VIVOTEK's SMB IP surveillance solution is really the best and cost-effective way for us. We cannot only provide our customers with more instant service and trusty safety, but also reduces the huge investment by utilizing the existing infrastructure of intranet/internet and Power over Ethernet technology."

Centralized Management
Networked surveillance allows monitoring to take place virtually anywhere, enabling extreme centralization of monitoring staffs.
Real-time Information
Networked videos can perform motion detection, event triggers, and alert automation, which make security management more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective.
Cost-saving Solutions
Installation and maintenance of the digital surveillance systems has been proven to be more cost-effective than the analog systems since network infrastructure to date is well deployed.
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