VIVOTEK IP Cameras - A Divine Solution?
Yorkshire-based, broadband specialists, Divine Internet, recently specified a range of VIVOTEK IP cameras to create a bespoke system at an exciting new building in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear. The four-star Newcastle Quayside Aparthotel is situated on an old brewery site on the banks of the River Tyne and offers all the luxury of an up-market hotel.

Divine Internet was consulted during the build to do a retrospective fit of broadband, wireless broadband and CCTV cameras. Chairman, Robert Barr decided the criteria of the building and its owners would be best met by the use of IP cameras and network recording software. Mr Barr introduced himself to Sales Advisor, Ranjot Sahota on the IPCCTV. COM at the recent IIPSEC show. "I felt sure that IP CCTV was a perfect fit for our core business, but we hadn't explored it thoroughly. Ranj put the cameras through their paces and I was confident that VIVOTEK cameras were ideal for this project. As a result we specified the cameras in the original proposal to our client" said Mr. Barr.

This unique building houses 35 rooms that have an array of luxurious fixtures and fittings and are potential targets for break-ins or even light fingered room guests. A spectacular penthouse sits atop.

Through the double doors of the building you enter into the spacious lobby, featuring an atrium, which extends to the upper three floors. With stair and elevator access to the upper floors available through a single door at the back of the lobby and similar doors on each floor, this was the first area considered for CCTV coverage. VIVOTEK's PT3122, with its pan/tilt capability and digital zoom seemed the ideal camera to monitor these expansive areas.

The VIVOTEK PT7135 and FD6122V, Vandal-resistant dome, were the perfect pairing to observe activity in the buildings main stairwells.

The capacious ground floor garage highlighted its own set of issues for consideration. Firstly, the lighting was not the best. Secondly, it is a large open space; and thirdly, being partially exposed to the elements, it could be cold, and possibly damp during wetter months. Two cameras were chosen for this subterranean area. Again, the FD6122V VR Dome was called into action and a more traditional solution, in the shape of the VIVOTEK IP6122 with additional weatherproof, heated housing.

The penthouse apartment, with its open-air deck, caused the owners some concern. They considered the likelihood that groups of revelers may take advantage of this space to throw parties and were anxious to avoid any liability issues that may result from drunken misadventures. VIVOTEK's range-topping PZ6122, with external housing, was specified for coverage of this area. When the penthouse is empty the office staff can log in and take advantage of unrivalled views of the river towards the Millennium Bridge.

Divine Internet fitted a total of 14 cameras throughout the public access areas of the building. Unfortunately, the owners stalled over the additional installation of three external cameras, to monitor doors to six ground floor flats with entrances onto a side street, resulting in the theft of a large screen Plasma television.

The system is powered by a unique network installation, which injects broadband into the building's standard three phase wiring, enabling each and every plug socket throughout the building to carry broadband. It is monitored during the day by office staff, using Xvision's highly rated DVR software, which records CCTV footage to a PC equipped with a 750MB hard drive.

• High Quality Images
  The video quality and resolution of the IP surveillance systems is superior to that of the analog CCTV solutions.
• Deter Sticky Fingers
  With a central monitoring system linked to several network cameras throughout the hotel, Newcastle Quayside Aparthotel has been  
  able to construct a full-fledged security solution to protect its properties and prevent thefts for all day long.

"We have been more than happy with the combination of VIVOTEK equipment which was chosen for this project. More to the point the owners of the building have embraced IP technology and have been delighted with the performance of the cameras and overall stability of the system which we provided" concluded Mr. Barr.
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