Ericsson Telecomunicações' Security and Efficiency Improved with VIVOTEK PoE-enabled Network Cameras
Ericsson Telecomunicações, mobile phone vendor Ericsson's manufacturing base in Brazil, has been plagued by various security and management problems. The security problems such as burglary, robbery and factory accidents pose a threat to both of the employees' lives and the company's business. Meanwhile, due to a large factory floor area, the duty of patrolling also becomes time-consuming and labor-intensive. Ericsson Telecomunicações hoped to deploy a surveillance system to not only maintain security but also improve management efficiency.
Due to the extensive area, power cabling is very difficult. In a bid to avoid complex cabling construction and associated costs, Alpha-Digi, VIVOTEK's Brazilian distributor, deployed a PoE-supported IP surveillance system with VIVOTEK's network cameras.

The system includes 75 VIVOTEK IP7151 and 32 VIVOTEK FD7131, both featuring PoE function as required. IP7151, equipped with an enclosure for outdoor protection, were installed at the entrance and in the parking lot and loading area. With day and night function achieved by a removable IR-cut filter, the administrator can receive clear images for 24 hours.
FD7131 were installed in the office, production area and warehouse. Because of the 3-axis mechanism, FD7131 were placed on the ceiling and against the wall to provide images in different angles. The PIR function, which detects break-in by intruders' temperature, effectively reduces unauthorized access to the restricted area.

The system helps Ericsson Telecomunicações construct a secure operating environment and provides an efficient way of management. "Now we are able to respond to incidents more swiftly. We are also glad to see a significant reduction in labor costs and improvements in management efficiency." said the administrator.
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