VIVOTEK, the Eyes of an Intelligent Robot
Based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, mobile robot development company, Dr Robot Inc., was looking for a high performance IP camera for its new series of mobile robots, i90.
i90 robots were developed for applications such as security, remote monitoring, automatic tour guides and academic research and development platforms. i90 is a fully wireless robot, and operates as an autonomous mobile wireless device providing remote monitoring, control and communication. i90 communicates with off-robot computer(s) via 802.11g. Dr Robot's engineering team was looking for a high resolution wireless (802.11g) IP camera, with a reasonable price tag.
There are a few key challenges: the remote monitoring task normally requires robot and camera to operate under low illumination in some circumstance and capable of bringing the target close by optical zoom without alerting the subject; the camera has to be reliable and capable of operating on a constantly moving robot; integration to high level AI software should be flexible.
VIVOTEK cameras were tested along with other suppliers from Japan and Europe. With support from ACC, VIVOTEK's Canadian distributor, the VIVOTEK PZ6114 was finally picked for integration with the i90 robot for its functions including smooth pan tilt operation, plus the 10x optical zoom, two-way audio, low light operation mode, and excellent image quality with reasonable cost.
A variety of mobile robots were then developed based on i90 platforms, and all equipped with VIVOTEK PZ6114 cameras as a standard feature.
i90 robots are deployed for various application including nuclear facilities, advance automotive engineering labs and university research facilities.

High Quality Images
The video quality and resolution of the IP surveillance systems is superior to that of the analog CCTV solutions.
Real-time Information
IP videos can perform motion detection, event triggers, and alert automation, which make security management more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective.

"We are satisfied by the rich features PZ6114 provides and the reliability it demonstrates on the robot. Our users are also pleased by the image quality and ease of integration with their high level image processing software." "VIVOTEK's Canadian distributor, ACC played an active and important role on providing us with prompt product support and excellent after sale service," concluded Dr. Haipeng Xie, CTO, Dr Robot.
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