Cost-effective Surveillance Solution with Wireless Connection
Iansagro S.A., located in Temuco, southern Chile, is a "pelet" factory with a high production capability-up to 15 tons every hour. Because it runs 24 hours a day, the factory requires an environment with high-performance security facilities to secure its non-stop operation and properties especially at nighttime. At that time, they hired a group of security guards to take turns patrolling the around 10 hectares factory for safety. Seeing that it was a very inefficient way, Iansagro S.A. decided to search for a surveillance system enabling reducing the manpower cost and securing the all-day-long factory safety.

Iansagro S.A. regarded reliability and cost-effectiveness as the key considerations and also found the benefits of network video surveillance are what they needs in decision and buying process. After receiving a proposal from Infokrause, one of VIVOTEK's distributors, they decided to opt for a WiFi network surveillance solution with VIVOTEK's wireless network cameras. Infokrause overall installed 9 PZ6122 at the critical corner around the factory and one IP6112 in front of the entrance for monitoring their employees and visitors back and forth, and have all covered with vandal-proof enclosures (IP66) to prevent any unexpected vandalism. The high-performance VIVOTEK PZ6122, equipped with a CCD sensor and a 10x optical zoom lens, can not only easily zoom in on the critical areas but also capture and distribute the superior quality videos over the networks for remote monitoring. The wide pan/tilt movement enables the operator to adjust the network camera for another viewable angle within just a few seconds.

WiFi solution is a major reason for the owner of Iansagro S.A. to make the final decision because its installation and maintenance have been proven to be more cost-effective and flexible than the analog systems. "It is so amazing that the whole installation was established just within a few days and I was so satisfied with the deployment of the wireless solution as well as the quality of the transmitted video over the Internet," according to Iansagro S.A., "The authentication function along with the encryption method also makes remote video accessibility very secure and we can instantly receive the notifications by email or mobile device. It is extremely beyond my speculation." The advent of wireless technology has made it possible for many cable-free, easily deployable applications. To sum up, the wireless networked surveillance system not only effectively helped Iansagro achieve their need in a very short time but also found significant reduction of their total operation costs based on their yearly financial report.

• Cost-effective Solution
  The WiFi solution simplifies physical installation and reduces cabling costs.
• Real-time Information
  IP videos can perform motion detection, event triggers, and alert automation, which make security management more efficient,  
  intelligent, and cost-effective.
• High Quality Images
  The video quality and resolution of the IP surveillance systems is superior to that of the analog CCTV solutions.
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