Transcend Optronics Goes Fully Digital with VIVOTEK IP System
Years ago, Transcend Optronics (YangZhou), a LCD module maker, installed a CCTV system in its factory for security purposes. As the company's business continues to grow, the existing CCTV system has become inadequate. Initially, Transcend Optronics wanted to expand the system with more analog cameras, but they found cabling to be very cost- and labor-intensive, and the CCTV system inconvenient to operate because tapes must be changed constantly during recording. Additionally, locating the recorded data for a specific event was very time-consuming. Therefore, Transcend Optronics decided to transit to a full digital video solution by installing VIVOTEK's network cameras and adding video servers to the existing analog system.

On the perimeter of and around the factory 34 VIVOTEK IP6122 network cameras were installed to allow for monitoring of outdoor activities and suspicious objects nearby. Some of the IP6122s were replaced with an auto-iris lens through their exchangeable CS-mount interfaces to protect damage by direct sunlight, while others with an IR LED lens that ensures good image quality at night.
Inside the factory, 20 VIVOTEK IP7131 and 54 IP7151 were installed in the dorms and cleanrooms respectively to protect employees and ensure operational security. Because the IP7131s can operate in super low light conditions, surveillance performance can remain stable even when light dims at night. The IP7131s utilized existing Ethernet cables for power supply via its PoE support to reduce system deployment labor and costs as well keep employees' living areas neat and tidy. In the cleanrooms, where there are many valuable manufacturing facilities, the IP7151s were used to provide exquisitely sharp images. The managers are able to strictly monitor the areas for any possible danger and solve problems immediately.
Transcend Optronics also added 4 VS7100 video servers to convert analog signals to digital so as to allow for higher management flexibility.

The full digital surveillance system enables the managers to monitor factory activities at any location, whether they are in overseas offices or on a business trip. Data storage is much more convenient and cost-saving now because it can be stored in hard disk drives for a long period of time. Additionally, the managers can quickly view and search recorded data by event or time.
"We had heard many benefits of using an IP surveillance system, but it wasn't until now that we truly realize and experience its flexibility and convenience. VIVOTEK's future-proof surveillance system with simplified and on-demand scalability enables us to make the most out of our investments." said the factory manager.
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