VIVOTEK IP Surveillance System Extends Taiwanese LCD Screen Maker's Operational Efficiency to India
A Taiwan-based LCD screen maker wanted to boost its operational efficiency in its worldwide offices, particularly the plant in India. Due to the geographical distance, controllability and interoperation with the plant had become a challenging issue for the headquarters in Taiwan. For the plant itself, they were also facing internal security problems such as theft, monitoring, patrolling, and accidents. Therefore, the company sought out an IP video surveillance solution to help them effectively solve plant security problems and improve management efficiency. CIEAN PO International, a video surveillance service provider in India, spearheaded the large-scale IP surveillance deployment by adopting VIVOTEK\s network cameras and video management software meeting the customers' specific needs.

48 VIVOTEK IP7138 1.3 megapixel cameras were deployed in the open production areas and warehouses. The major reason for adopting megapixel network cameras is their ability to deliver large, high-resolution images, over 3 times the size compared with a standard VGA camera and offering video detail that would be captured with a zoom capability. With the wide coverage achieved by individual megapixel cameras, the installation of megapixel cameras reduced the overall number of cameras needed.
In restricted areas including administration rooms, offices, and machinery rooms, 16 units of VIVOTEK FD7131 dome cameras featuring PIR sensors were installed to detect unauthorized access by an intruder's temperature. Compared with traditional motion detection, PIR boasts more precise detection and higher sensitivity. With a 3-axis design, the FD7131 cameras were able to be placed either on the ceiling or against the wall to provide images from different vantage points. In addition, the FD7131 includes PoE support, helping the company achieve easier installation and additional cost savings.
For outdoor security, 13 VIVOTEK IP7151 Day/Night Fixed Cameras with enclosures were placed by the entrance and on the perimeter of the plant. The IP7151s enable management 24-hour control over activities outside of the plant with true day and night functionality, and for any fast moving objects, its progressive scan CCD sensor is able to capture razor-sharp, clear images that traditional interlaced-scan techniques cannot achieve.

Wintek's new IP surveillance system dramatically improves their response capability in an emergency because the headquarters can constantly keep an eye on activities inside and outside the plant in India. "We are satisfied with the results of the IP surveillance system. Besides enhancing our management efficiency, it has also resulted in a safer working environment for our employees" said the manager.
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