Crocker Jeans Builds Seamless Security with VIVOTEK TC5330
Alpha-Digi, VIVOTEK's authorized distributor in Brazil, has helped jeans manufacturer Crocker Jeans install 200 VIVOTEK TC5330 network cameras in its cloth factory along with Digifort's easy-to-use video management software.
Located in Sao Paulo, Crocker Jeans is faced with many security and management problems such as equipment operational risks, burglary, theft and employee job performance. The constant operation of production equipment puts the factory at high risk of machinery breakdown and accidental electrical discharge, which is especially dangerous during off-duty periods when only a handful of security staff is available. Apart from security purposes, Crocker Jeans needs a solution to help it manage the business and monitor employees' work status more efficiently.

A total of 200 TC5330 were installed in Crocker Jeans' cloth factory, including the production area, the warehouse, the cash register, the entrance and the porch. The cameras installed in the production area aim to monitor all production lines, so the manager can keep an eye on the security status at all times. The cameras deployed in the warehouse are pointed towards valuable merchandise and the entrance to detect burglars or intruders. The cameras targeting the cash register help deter robbery and employee theft and those at the entrance allow the manager to monitor all visitors. The manager can also monitor activities on the porch by using the cameras installed on the perimeter of the factory. Alpha-Digi also deployed some network cameras around the factory to help the manager get hold of employees' work status.
TC5330 supports MPEG-4 compression, which reduces demand for transmission bandwidth and storage space, making them suitable for Corcker Jeans where bandwidth and storage resources are quite limited. With 3GPP functionality, the manager can monitor activities in the factory anytime and anywhere by using a mobile phone.

After installing VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system, the manager of Crocker Jeans is able to take control of the production status in the factory when he is at home or on business trips. Once incidents such as equipment breakdown and operational accidents have been detected, instructions and rescue can be delivered immediately. In addition, burglary in the warehouse is significantly reduced and the manager can keep track of visitors into the warehouse or the factory more efficiently. The surveillance system also helps the manager gain better control over the employees' job performance and the interaction between the employees and the customers.

"Due to the large area of our factory, we need a cost-effective solution for this large-scale surveillance project. With affordable price, high image quality and low bandwidth usage, TC5330 is truly our network camera of choice." said Crocker Jeans.
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