Taking Care of Farm - VIVOTEK Help Farmers Control Birth Cows
GAEC BRACQUART, located in Crequy in northern France, is a farm that houses a herd of 150 cows and provides approximately 600,000 liters of milk each year. The owner of the farm had constantly encountered the need to physically monitor the cows all night, in case the birth cows were in labor. Wanting a way to remotely monitor the herd of cows instead, the farmer sought for a cost-effective solution that would also utilize his existing computer hardware.

The owner contacted Conectis, one of VIVOTEK's distributors, to construct a remote monitoring system with network cameras for the farm. VIVOTEK PZ6122 network cameras were installed in the stable, with the power cord and Ethernet cable lines extended to the farmer's house. The monitoring system, connected to the PZ6122 pan/tilt/zoom network cameras, provides control over the cameras' angular movements and receives superior clear images, even in low light conditions, via real time video transmission.

• Remote monitoring
This solution gives the farmer the ability to conveniently monitor the herd of cows from his home's monitoring system. Without the need to stay in the stable and physically watch over the cows, the farmer saves an innumerable amount of time and energy.

• Cost-effective, reliable solution
For the farmer, one of the most crucial responsibilities is controlling each step of a birth when a cow is in labor. If a heifer - a young female cow giving birth for the first time - is not rescued from difficult labor, the farmer may easily lose the calf; replacing one would cost approximately 1500~2000. Thus, the farmer must monitor the birth cows carefully, or he may face dismal consequences. Having installed the VIVOTEK PZ6122 network cameras, which provide a wide range view and real time video transmission, the farmer is now assured he will not miss the birth of a calf. With a reliable and cost effective monitoring system, the owner of the farm is able to control and monitor the herd of cows at ease.

• High Quality Images
The video quality and resolution of the IP surveillance systems is superior to that of the analog CCTV solutions.
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