VIVOTEK Network Cameras Offer Higher Level of Security for Classic Motor Yacht
SUMA, VIVOTEK's distributor in Poland, has helped Polish Shipyard Conrad S.A build an IP surveillance system for its Classic C58 motor yacht. The system includes one FD6121V dome camera installed in the machinery room and one IP6122 fixed network camera on the deck. A long cruise generates a lot of heat in the machinery room, leading to the potential threat of equipment breakdown or fire. Therefore, the machinery room needs constant monitoring to make sure all equipment is operating smoothly. Before using VIVOTEK's surveillance system, the captain has to physically go down to the machine room on a regular basis, which is inefficient and time-consuming. Apart from the machinery room, changes in sailing conditions or activities on the deck also add potential risks to when operating the motor yacht. As a result, the captain needs a surveillance system that keeps him informed of changes on the ocean and the status on deck when he is in the control room. If an emergency occurs, such as a passenger falling overboard, he will be able to take immediate action. As Classic C58 is furnished with an intranet network system, the owner of the yacht opted for IP-based network cameras.

SUMA ended up installing a VIVOTEK FD6121V day/night vandal-proof network camera in the machinery room. The camera comes with a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators, providing clear-cut images in both day and nighttime. Its high-resolution Sony CCD sensor provides pristine image quality, and as a result, the Control Room Operator has full view of the operating conditions of the machinery. In addition, the camera offers a DI/DO interface, which can be connected to an external alarm or sensor, allowing an alert to be sent to passengers in case of an emergency.
Another network camera was placed on the deck of Classic C58 was the VIVOTEK IP6122, which is used to monitor water conditions and people on the deck. The IP6122 is characterized by a CS-mount lens, which can be replaced with a vari-focal or IR lens. By substituting the original lens to one with IR illuminators, the IP6122 can deliver high quality images even during nighttime, giving the control room comprehensive insight into changes on the ocean during day and night.
Both the FD6121V and IP6122 support dual-codec streaming. As a result, video streams can be transmitted and viewed in MPEG-4 or MJPEG formats, giving the control room more flexibility in monitoring and recording. With two-way audio support, the control room and passengers on the yacht can communicate with each other, so problems can be solved more efficiently and effectively.

"VIVOTEK's high performance network cameras successfully strengthen the security of my motor yacht," remarked the owner and captain. "With the FD6121V, I can know the conditions in the machinery room without physically going back and forth. The IP6122 on the deck allows me to monitor changes on the ocean and problems on deck, thereby enabling me to respond quickly in case of an emergency. What’s more, my elderly, handicapped mother can now enjoy the picturesque scenery of the blue sky, sea, and spray without walking onto the deck. It really is a worthwhile investment that I would recommend to every owner of a motor yacht!"
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