The City Government of Asheville Shifts to IP Surveillance Solutions with VIVOTEK and NUUO
The city government of Asheville, North Carolina, decided to transit to digital surveillance systems due to the recognition of IP surveillance as the wave of the future and the versatility of their applications. After careful evaluation, the government chose VIVOTEK's IP7138 megapixel network cameras and FD6111 fixed dome cameras along with NUUO's cost-effective DVR/NVR recording system. For the Ashville city government so that it may better investigate unfortunate incidents with its limited police personnel.

Outside the building and in the surroundings the FD6111 network cameras were installed. Their removable IR-cut filter and IR LEDs enable day and night surveillance with clear images. With a vandal- and weather-proof housing, the FD6111s can be firmly protected from dust and rain to ensure stable operation conditions in harsh environments. The 1.3-megapixel IP7138 network cameras were mainly deployed indoors to offer wide coverage with exceptional details. With a high resolution, the cameras enable the manger to monitor the entire area of interest with a limited number of cameras. To bring the best out of VIVOTEK's advanced network cameras, NUUO's H.264 hardware compression cards and hybrid DVR/NVR recording system were adopted. The high performance H.264 hardware compression cards allows for more efficient transmission of camera feeds, especially for high-quality megapixel images from the IP7138s. The buildings original blue-prints were integrated into NUUO’s E-Map function to make camera selection much more intuitive. With an incorporated digital I/O card, events recorded both by the system and the NUUO video recording can be searched more easily.

The comprehensive IP surveillance system as a joint effort of VIVOTEK and NUUO provides the officers with remote monitoring abilities and improves their response to emergencies. "Limited police presence was one of the key factors that prevent us from stopping a crime in time, but thanks to the IP surveillance system, we are able to detect criminal behavior in advance and carry out investigation more efficiently." said the city government officer.
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