VIVOTEK Protects CDC Point S.p.A's Cash & Carry Chain Stores in Italy
CDC Point S.p.A, the second largest IT distributor in Italy, owns 34 Cash & Carry chain stores across the nation. Through these convenient Cash & Carry points, CDCís resellers are able obtain the items they need immediately at each location. Originally, the stores were installed with analog cameras for security and management purposes, however, in pursuit of higher management efficiency and surveillance performance befitting of their product lines, CDC decided to replace the system with a new digital counterpart. To reduce the number of installations while at the same time keeping an even closer eye on the entire store, the manager chose VIVOTEK PT3122 pan/tilt network cameras to carry out the duty.

The 500 units of PT3122s were installed by the display shelves and cash points so as to protect the merchandise and monitor transactions at the counter. Due to bandwidth limitations, camera feeds are transmitted in MPEG-4 format to allow for smooth streaming. The cameras can rotate 135 degrees horizontally and 125 degrees vertically to provide an overview of the store, significantly cutting down on the number of cameras installed. As an improvement over physical security or analog cameras, the network cameras offer intelligent motion detection, which automatically detect object movements and trigger alarms connected via the cameras' digital I/O interface.

The video quality and resolution of the new IP surveillance system is superior to that of the previous analog CCTV solution. Additionally, the introduction of the VIVOTEK IP system with a central monitoring system linked to several network cameras throughout each location enables Cash & Carry to monitor each store and manage camera feeds both centrally and remotely, something that the original CCTV system could not hope to achieve. "Upgrading to digital surveillance not only improves the image quality, but also brings us higher efficiency and convenience." said Yury Montagnani, Product Manager of New Technology CDC Point S.p.A.
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