PHO24 in Vietnam Enhances Security and Management Efficiency with VIVOTEK
PHO24 is a restaurant chain in Vietnam with over 50 branches operating worldwide serving tasty traditional Vietnamese Pho noodles. In order to minimize security threats such as shoplifting and cashier theft as well as to monitor staff performance and customer interactions, the store manager decided to install a new surveillance system at each location. Considering the above requirements and the attributes of the stores, VIVOTEKs distributor in Vietnam, Taitouch, recommended VIVOTEKs cost-effective IP7135 and IP7131 fixed network cameras.

All in total, over 1,000 VIVOTEK cameras were installed in the 45 branches of PHO24. The cameras were primarily placed by the cash register and the door, as well as in the kitchen and the dining area. The compact size and stylish design of the IP7135s enable them to seamlessly blend with the restaurant decor, which reduces customers unease towards surveillance. Additionally, the PoE function of the IP7131 fixed cameras avoids extra cabling for installation and future maintenance. With excellent performance under low light conditions, security can be ensured even after store closing hours. Both of the two models also provide 3GPP support to allow for mobile surveillance.

Through the use of the VIVOTEK cameras, the restaurant manager can keep an eye on the staff to evaluate their work performance and customers requiring service. He can also be alerted immediately when someone tries to access the cash drawer without permission. "The IP surveillance system is extremely helpful, especially when managing stores distributed throughout the nation. We can monitor each store not only remotely but also centrally, which saves us time and cost," said a spokesman for PHO24.
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