VIVOTEK, NUUO Jointly Enhance Security in Guatemala
The Secretariat of Strategic Intelligence (SIE), formed by the Guatemala National Ministry of Interior, is responsible for national defense and intelligence. As a strategic intelligence provider to the President and the National Council of Security, protection at the institute is crucially important. VIVOTEK FD7131 fixed dome network cameras integrated with NUUO's NVR solutions were recently adopted to offer the highest level of security for the national intelligence center.

The FD7131 cameras were installed in various locations around the building, including the main streets, entrances, hallways, information offices, and parking lots, and are connected to NUUO's NVR platforms for instant storage. Featuring a 3-axis mechanical design, the cameras were able to be flexibly installed against the walls or on the ceilings, ensuring an upright image at any angle. Even in poorly lit environments such as hallways, the FD7131s still maintain clear and stable image quality because of the built-in white-light illumination. Additionally, the PIR sensors significantly enhance security levels by automatically detecting moving objects, especially at night when visual detection of such objects becomes less efficient.
With their new IP surveillance system, the security management can receive all video feeds from cameras installed either locally or remotely. Also, with the superior image quality compared to traditional analog cameras, the security staff has immensely improved its identification capabilities during live monitoring. In case of a security breach, high quality images become very useful in facilitating case investigation. "The user-friendly surveillance software coupled with NUUO's Smart Guard feature is necessary for government installations, and the Smart Search capability saves a great amount of time, which is important when dealing with critical situations, "a spokesperson from SIE stated.
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