VIVOTEK Strengthens Brazilian Condominium Community's Security
Security awareness has been at the forefront of Brazil's priorities since winning as the host country of the Olympic Summer Games in 2016. Not simply the government, but ordinary citizens are also increasingly emphasizing security in their home country. To this end, a residential community in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently took advice from Electroseg, the system integrator, and Alpha-Digi, VIVOTEK's Brazilian distributor, and decided to install a VIVOTEK IP Surveillance system to protect their residents and property. Due to the need to keep the project within a set budget and after a wide survey with thorough planning, VIVOTEK's IP7330 and TC5330 network cameras were adopted, combining affordability with practicality, quality, and attractive design.

This condominium community in Sao Paulo consists of seven high occupancy buildings, which means that management and maintenance can pose great challenges for the managers. Fortunately, with VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system, the managers can keep an eye on every building, inside and out, anytime, anywhere. This surveillance system has enabled the manager to achieve the ultimate goal of providing a secure and comfortable living environment for residents in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective. "Using VIVOTEK's network cameras, we can monitor activities inside and outside of the building 24 hours a day, which saves us a great deal of time," said the condo manager.
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