Increasing Community Security with VIVOTEK
Local authorities of each city in Romania are organized under the strict regulation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. One group of community police under the ministry is called the "Politia Comunitara", or Community Police - its mission being to reduce street crime and protect government buildings. The Community Police of Tecuci (a small city in eastern Romania with a population of 42,000 inhabitants) has a central facility in town in order to minimize response time in case of an emergency.

The local authorities had launched an initiative to obtain EU funds through a SAPARD (Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development) financing agreement in order to improve the security of the local community. The funds covered a wireless system of 12 fixed cameras and 4 mobile (PTZ) cameras. Local authorities organized a bid and they selected BITLAND SRL (VIVOTEK\'s Romanian distributor and system integrator) to install a solution featuring VIVOTEK network cameras. Due to aesthetic and practical reasons, BITLAND established that a wireless solution, coupled with VIVOTEK digital video servers, would be best fitted to the project. The solution was to use VIVOTEK’s VS7100 video server in order to convert the signal from analog cameras to a digital signal that would then be transmitted over the wireless 5.xGhz infrastructure.
In the first part of the project, the police established the key points where surveillance would be deployed. Next, a wireless site survey established how radio devices should be configured. The images are gathered through the wireless devices from the central tower to the dispatcher room inside the Community Police building. All 16 cameras are monitored constantly by the dispatcher, enabling instantaneous response in the event of an emergency.

The mayor of Tecuci, Mr. Eduard Finkelstain, in talking to the press, proclaimed the following: "As strong proof of the utility of the video surveillance system, I can give you two examples: One, a group of burglars entered the high school store. They were spotted by the dispatcher as they were entering the store; the dispatcher alerted the mobile team, which was able to catch the criminals in the act. In another instance, burglars entered the city\'s Exhibition Center and vandalized the building. The administrator reported the incident to the police and burglars were identified using the surveillance recordings. I hope that by the end of 2012, we will have 64 cameras installed in each susceptible area, such as schools, main crossroads, the cemetery, and marketplaces."
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