Sol Melia Santo Hotel Employs VIVOTEK for Cutting-Edge IP Surveillance
Melia Santo Domingo Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the heart of the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is a popular destination for businesspeople, leisure travelers, and local residents of the city. The hotel houses a casino, giving it a lively atmosphere at making it a true resort destination. In order to manage security for the large number of guests, the hotel had entrusted the task to security guards, resulting in high personnel costs. With the goals of increasing efficiency and lowering costs in mind, the hotel manager decided to deploy a brand new state-of-the-art surveillance system. One of the main requirements when selecting the ideal system was the ability to fit with the elegant design of the hotel edifice. As such, the cameras had to be compact and discrete, and cabling needed to be unobtrusive as possible. To meet these requirements, VIVOTEK\'s SD7151, IP7142, and IP7133 network cameras, featuring sleek designs, were suggested by Seguridad Digital B&B, VIVOTEK’s distributor.

To maintain stable image quality in poorly lit areas, a total of 37 IP7133 cameras were installed in the halls and elevators, where artificial lighting is available 24 hours a day and can be adjusted to look like natural light using the cameras\' "White Balance" feature. A total of six IP7142 bullet cameras were utilized in the service entrance and cargo areas as the built-in IR Illumination is perfectly suited for surveillance in these low-light areas. Finally, four high-end SD7151 Speed Dome Cameras with 18X Zoom were installed at the hotel main entrance and in the parking lot areas to give the surveillance team the ability to view the entire 360° panorama of these areas.
With the installation of the new security system featuring VIVOTEK cameras, the new IP-based solution has worked wonders for the hotel management. The system has afforded the security guards the latest in technology to make their work more easy and effective, with video recordings of each of the main areas monitored by the system (access doors, public areas, service entrances, etc.) acting to prevent potential problems. The VIVOTEK cameras have also given tourists peace of mind as well as the ability to enjoy their leisure time knowing that the hotel is employing the latest in security technology. "Providing a secure environment for our customers is a top priority for the Melia Santo Domingo Hotel. Thanks to the trustworthiness of the VIVOTEK surveillance system, the hotel is monitored effectively in its entirety, ensuring our guests a sense of security and comfort throughout their stay with us,” said the hotel manager.
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