Lincoln Park Airport Enhances Homeland Security with VIVOTEK Network Cameras
Lincoln Park Airport is a 200 acre privately-owned public use airport located two miles north of Lincoln Park, New Jersey. With updated homeland security guidelines, the airport recently received state funding to obtain new security cameras. The winner of this project was Lincoln Technology, LLC, a local CCTV surveillance and computer & small electronics repair company located in Lincoln Park, Morris County, NJ near the airport. Russell Ruggiero, owner and founder of Lincoln Technology, has over twenty years of experience specializing in emergency lighting and undercover surveillance. With VIVOTEK as the brand of choice, in late 2009, Ruggiero and his company successfully configured, upgraded, and installed the latest line of cutting-edge surveillance cameras to meet federal regulations for national security.

Chosen for their features as well as their price, Lincoln Park Airport uses twelve VIVOTEK SD7151 network cameras. The SD7151 is a high performance day/night 18X Zoom Speed Dome network camera suitable for professional surveillance applications and is a significant addition to VIVOTEK's high-end, progressive-scan network camera portfolio. The progressive scan CCD sensor captures exceptional detail on both optically zoomed images from long distances as well as crystal-clear images of fast-moving objects without motion blur artifacts. With its sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, this camera provides precise movement with continuous 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt. The SD7151 cameras were installed on extension poles and in buildings using a wireless infrastructure. A point-to-point wireless bridge installation was utilized for the WiFi infrastructure as the airport is split into two halves by the runway in the middle of the premise. All in all, there are fifteen buildings on the premise as well as runways, taxi-ways, and tie-downs that were required to be under surveillance coverage in adherence to U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines.

The benefits of upgrading the Lincoln Park Airport to the latest standard in surveillance technology is that local, state, and homeland security officials all have the ability to remotely access each surveillance camera feed as well as recorded footage to scan for potential terrorist attacks. "Installing the cameras was quick and easy, and setup was a snap. Due to the competitive price structure, we were able to use multiple cameras to cover a wide area. The owner and the state official were very pleased with the results," says Ruggiero.
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