Shandong Prison Installs VIVOTEK Megapixel Cameras for Proactive Surveillance Control
In any country, a prison is a location that demands the utmost in security control. For the Shandong (China) 4th prison administration, due the limited number of prison guards and the expanse of area requiring coverage, the major challenge was how to monitor all areas of the prison at all times. Upon consulting with Poseidon Technology Ltd., VIVOTEK's distributor in China, the management team selected over 1,000 VIVOTEK network cameras, including 320 units of IP7161 2-Megapixel cameras, 120 units of SD7151 18x Speed Domes, and 600 units of FD7131 Indoor Domes to provide complete monitoring of the prison's key areas.

For the solution, the FD7131 Indoor Domes were installed in the wards, and IP7161 2-Megapixel Cameras were installed in locations where high security and identification is required, such as the boundary/entrance areas. In the wards, high-risk prisoners must be kept under surveillance and their activities monitored in real time so as to prevent threats to other prisoners. Additionally, the boundary and entrance areas are important to secure as it is where prisoners are most likely to escape through to the outside world. Through the IP7161 cameras connected to the prison alert system, the administrator can monitor each ward 24/7 and keep track of the prisoners' activities. When the on-site prison guards are off duty, the remote control center can still perform the real-time recording; moreover, the surveillance system includes an active alert function that can both effectively protect staff in these areas and prevent prisoner escapes or unauthorized visits.
The VIVOTEK SD7151 Speed Dome cameras were installed in the public areas of the prisons, such as the mess halls, hallways, exercise yard, and work areas, where prisoners are most likely to spend a majority of their daytime hours and potentially cause disturbances. The cameras' progressive scan CCD 18x zoom lens is able to capture clear and precise video of moving objects in an outdoor setting.
Wardens bear the heavy burden and stress of managing prison operations and security, and with the new VIVOTEK surveillance and alert system covering all the crucial areas of the facility, the warden and staff can now effectively manage the large number of prisoners in real time and direct an immediate response in an emergency as well as protect the security guards when on and off duty.

The new VIVOTEK IP-based surveillance system, with its high resolution images, wide coverage, and exceptional detail, has had an immediate positive impact on the prison administration. "By using VIVOTEK's megapixel cameras, we can monitor activities inside and outside of the prison 24 hours a day. This provides secure environments and proactively prevents any unexpected events," said one prison officer.
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