Construction Material Store Buys Into Megapixel Surveillance with VIVOTEK
Nascimento Construção, a prodigious construction store located in the city of Caucaia do Alto in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, took a momentous step recently when it decided to update its analog surveillance system with the latest, state-of-the-art network cameras. VIVOTEK's TC5330 & PZ6112 as well as their wireless counterparts were chosen for this solution, with an initial total of eleven network cameras. All cameras were supplied by Alpha-Digi, VIVOTEK's Brazilian distributor. With the idea of using megapixel cameras in the security expansion and adopting the benefits of IP surveillance, Nascimento Construção also installed two units of VIVOTEK's IP7160 Fixed Cameras, boasting crystal-clear resolution of up to 2 Megapixels.

Two IP7160 megapixel cameras were installed in environments where the high image definition is best utilized. Instead of installing a cumbersome amount of standard VGA cameras, two separate megapixel cameras are able to cover the entirety as the 2MP sensor can offer a wide field of view with its 1600 x 1200 resolution. One IP7160 camera was installed at the rear of the store, giving a general view of the floor area, and the other camera was installed at the store entrance, guaranteeing a defined image of the customers entering and exiting the location.
The software for image recording utilized in this solution was VIVOTEK's own ST7501, where all cameras are monitored from a central location. ST7501 also allows for the ePTZ feature to be utilized with megapixel cameras, making the surveillance system more dynamic and efficient and able to navigate an image with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities.
The Director of Nascimento Construção has been very satisfied with the surveillance system, especially after the installation of the VIVOTEK megapixel cameras. "With Megapixel Cameras, I now have detailed video of my customers and product at a high resolution. I can now concentrate on setting higher goals and objectives for my store and achieve them with the peace of mind afforded by the new surveillance system," said the Director.
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