VIVOTEK Provides Detailed Megapixel Surveillance for Bulgarian Government Agency
The Architecture and City Planning Municipal Agency occupies a large building in the city center of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is a government organization that oversees city planning and grants permission for various construction activities in the municipality. The bureau houses various service desks for incoming citizens and company complaints as well as service desks where citizens can deposit documents and payments. All in all, some 500 to 1,000 people visit the agency on an average day. In order to provide physical security of the site, video surveillance was a much needed addition to the infrastructure of the building. The video system would allow for better control of the staff and improved customer service as well as prevention of corruption and fraud.

For indoor surveillance, the agency officials required detailed video capable of recognizing faces and clothing; based on this necessity, local VIVOTEK dealer and system integrator SECTRON decided that megapixel cameras were needed. The IP7160 was the clear choice as it provides up to 2-megapixel resolution and is suitable for indoor lighting conditions, as well as coming in at a very affordable price with megapixel lens and mounting bracket included. The indoor space was covered by 12 cameras which allowed for complete coverage in megapixel resolution of all the service points and cashier desks. Facial and clothing recognition allowed for the capture of the details of transactions and item exchanges between citizens and agency staff. For outdoor surveillance, the IP7142 was chosen based on the high quality WDR along with the integrated IR illumination, which in combination, give clear video and an immersive video experience. The entire system was based on a dedicated LAN network using PoE network equipment, allowing for considerable reduction in cabling and associated material costs.
Milestone XProtect Professional was chosen as the recording solution due to the client's previous experience with the system. As a leading network camera brand, VIVOTEK is fully supported by Milestone, with new models regularly added to the supported device list.
A dedicated PC server based on an Intel i7 975 processor with 3 GB of RAM was used as the main recording platform. Additionally, a client PC workstation was installed in the security room of the agency for live viewing, playback, recording backup, and video export.

The resulting surveillance system was highly acclaimed by the agency officials and security operators as they clearly realized the benefits of using megapixel resolution compared to standard VGA/D1 video (which had been in use other locations).
"Megapixel resolution provides a huge practical advantage compared to D1 video as it considerably increases video surveillance usability. Being able to see details in the recorded picture is very important for the security operators on every level and is crucial in case of an incident. VIVOTEK's 2-megapixel lineup is a fresh addition to the security market, bringing brilliant picture quality in high resolution combined with a very affordable cost. Thanks to this, VIVOTEK empowers system integrators to deploy high-end quality CCTV systems for every site and budget scale," said Rumen Palmov, Sales Manager at SECTRON Ltd.
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