Historic Montana State Hospital Improves Security Monitoring Sixfold with VIVOTEK
Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs, Montana is the only public psychiatric hospital in Montana which provides inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults with mental illness. The facility has a long history, dating back to the year 1877, with the most recent building erected in 2001 due to the generosity of Montana's taxpayers. It includes over 200 beds and over 400 full-time employees. With a main building and annex, the previous security system consisted of black & white analog cameras with live viewing capabilities only, meaning that there was no recorded evidence that could be searched and presented in case of incidents involving patients.

Partnering with distribution partner Anixter and audio/video integrators Studio AV, the new security system features 75 VIVOTEK FD7160 2MP cameras running on an eXacq software platform. Featuring brilliant video clarity and a small, inconspicuous footprint, the FD7160 cameras were installed in hallways and rooms so that patients can be monitored and cared for immediately. Multiple widescreen LCD monitors were placed around the hospital, providing campus-wide viewing capability. Nurses have restricted access consisting of live viewing only, allowing them to perform their day-to-day operations of patient care and controlling patient flow around the campus. Hospital administrators have full access to view and export archived data as needed.

"The Montana State Hospital staff are ecstatic about the new security monitoring system," said Steve Angell, Director of Security for Studio AV. "It has made patient care much more efficient and brings peace of mind to the administrators of the facility."
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