VIVOTEK Outdoor Network Cameras Win Recognition at Metal Factory in Iran
A major Iranian steel producer, Hormozgan Steel, is building a new steel manufacturing factory in Bandar Abba, Iran. The new facility will have an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of slab iron and 1.65 million tons of sponge iron.
With a large area of around 18,000 square meters, the Hormozgan Steel Factory faced a problem of how to manage and monitor the construction site 24/7 and prevent crime. Almas Asia Communication suggested that a wireless solution and installation of VIVOTEK network cameras with AP devices would result in a simple, scalable, cost-effective wide-area installation.

The implementation includes a total of 28 VIVOTEK outdoor network cameras, with 14 FD7141s, 6 SD7323s, and 8 IP7330s installed around areas such as gateways, street corners, and depots. All of these models are perfectly suited for outdoor surveillance, featuring weather-proof IP66-rated housing for protection against dust and rain, as well as day and night functionality for clear video 24/7. The cameras are mounted on top of tall poles extending above the site, along with APs to connect the cameras to the network wirelessly, ensuring wide coverage for monitoring across the entire site.
Since the area of the metal factory is very large, the use of the SD7323 ensures complete coverage via its 360°continuous pan capability. The 35x optical zoom enhances every minute detail at all corners of the location, and with the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) feature, the SD7323 can help mitigate vibration caused by wind and camera rotation so as to ensure a stable image at all times.
VIVOTEK's Central Management Software ST7501 was installed to allow for maximum management efficiency and operational convenience. By using it in conjunction with the wireless IP surveillance solution, the software can easily manage the construction site from the control center in Bandar Abbas and offer remote access from the head office in Tehran.

The VIVOTEK IP surveillance solution offered significant savings in hardware and installation costs over other security alternatives, while at the same time showcasing excellent video quality and performance. "The solution has improved control over the entire site and ensures the smooth construction of the metal factory," said the project administrator at the Hormozgan Steel Factory. "It has brought us such benefits as quick search, the ability to easily add or reposition cameras, video analytics, motion sensing, and behavioral recognition."
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