China High Speed Railway Employs VIVOTEK Intelligent Surveillance Solution
China's new high speed passenger railway linking Zhengzhou and Xi'an began formal operation on February 6, 2010. With a top speed of 350 km per hour, the 505km-long high speed railway represents the first of the nation's ten proposed high speed railways.
Statistics show that China is one of the leaders in the world's high-speed railway projects, with planned railways stretching 25,000 km. The total investment for high speed railway projects alone exceeds $300 billion USD. The new rail line, requiring an investment of 35.31 billion RMB (or $5.17 billion USD), is estimated to serve 84.3 million passengers per year while boosting cargo capacity in the years to come. With high speed rail, the direct travel time from Zhengzhou to Xi'an is now reduced from six hours to less than two hours.
Authorities at the high speed railway requested that both high efficiency and safety were paramount along the railway, including a total of 13 stations. Thus, Poseidon, VIVOTEK's distributor in China, deployed a VIVOTEK surveillance system with AgentVI's intelligent solution to provide comprehensive security control for the overall railway network and station traffic.

For the solution, VIVOTEK's VS7100 1-CH video server was recommended for 548 surveillance checkpoints in Phase I of the construction of the new high speed railway. A total of 1,500 additional surveillance checkpoints will be brought online in Phase II in provide a fully functioning solution.
The security and efficiency of the high-speed railway relies heavily on the video content analysis embedded into the VS7100 and provided by Agent VI, which provides remote monitoring of critical site security such as railroad yards, crossings, bridges, tunnels, and intersections to ensure the utmost in transportation safety. Other monitored areas include station plazas, lobbies, platforms, and passenger paths to ensure passenger security. For non-manned areas and lighting facilities, the surveillance system ensures round-the-clock facility operations. If emergencies or natural disasters such as a storm, mudslide, flood, or traffic accident occur, the surveillance system can provide live a view of the railroad leading to immediate response from the proper parties via the wireless command system.
With the AgentVI intelligent analysis, the surveillance system achieves truly next generation functionality by immediately warning and preventing unauthorized access to the railway as well as detecting loitering and suspicious activity in restricted areas.

The new high speed railway security solution using VIVOTEK's with intelligent solution strengthens integrated security control to monitor the extensive railway network and station traffic and provides a prime example of surveillance for next-generation transportation. The system also aims at ensuring the safety of passengers, personnel, and equipment, thus enabling better monitoring and management.
"VIVOTEK's high-tech IVA integrated solutions provide robust intelligent surveillance of the Zhengzhou-Xi'an high speed railway. The company's high quality hardware and logistics support as well R&D project tuning have enhanced overall security on this important project," ranking high speed railway authorities noted.
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