Major Saudi Arabian Food Product Vendor Discovers the Power of a VIVOTEK-based Security System
Al-Qusoor is one of Saudi Arabia's leading manufacturers and retailers of candy and other snack foods. Last year, at the recommendation of security solutions provider International Edaat, Al-Qusoor had VIVOTEK network security cameras installed at its main manufacturing complex in the city of Makkah. It was so pleased with the results that it subsequently adopted VIVOTEK cameras for security applications at its retail outlets.

Al-Qusoor was looking to upgrade the security infrastructure at its factory, which operates 24 hours a day. The company hoped to be able to effectively monitor the work of production staff, as well as secure valuable equipment and supplies at the site.
According International Edaat Kamal Hamidoi, the Al-Qusoor manufacturing facility presented several challenges. Foremost was the open layout of the very expansive main production floor. Kamal explains, "To simplify management of the security system and stay within their budget, Al-Qusoor wanted to minimize the number of cameras installed."
Therefore, Kamal recommended that Al-Qusoor use VIVOTEK's PZ7111, which can provide full coverage of large areas by drawing on its ability to pan 300 degrees and tilt 135 degrees, as well as its built-in motorized 10x optical zoom. For sensitive locations where very high-resolution video was desired, Kamal suggested VIVOTEK's IP7138, which incorporates a 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and incorporates Compact Flash storage, which can serve as a fail-safe for preserving video in case of network issues.

"One of the great things about VIVOTEK's network cameras is how easy they are to install and manage," exclaims Kamal. He is particularly enthused about how easy it was to integrate the VIVOTEK hardware and software into Al-Qusoor's existing network. Administrators at Al-Qusoor marveled at the ST7501 video recording application's sophisticated functionality and ease of use as well.
Kamal says that another feature of both the VIVOTEK camera models that Al-Qusoor praises is their ability to provide simultaneous streams in both MJPEG and MPEG-4 formats. This feature allows video to be viewed from a variety of client devices, such as computers and mobile phones. Al-Qusoor managers and production foremen are taking advantage of the feature to monitor operations when off-site.

With the new VIVOTEK-based security system in place at its manufacturing facility, Al-Qusoor soon began reaping its benefits not only in the enhanced effectiveness of its monitoring and security operations, but also in improved ease of use and reliability.
In fact, Al-Qusoor was so delighted with the new setup that it decided to install VIVOTEK security cameras at its retail stores as well. It has since deployed more IP7138 cameras at these outlets, along with fixed-dome FD7131 models. Kamal concludes, "The VIVOTEK cameras have exceeded Al-Qusoor's expectations, so we're looking forward to providing them with more as their business expands."
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