VIVOTEK Secures the Premises for TIMKEN INDIA Ltd. Bangalore
TIMKEN India Ltd. of Bangalore provides friction management and power transmission solutions for many major market segments, including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, defense, energy, industrial equipment, health care, heavy industry, machine tools, positioning control, power generation, and rail transport. The company sought a CCTV monitoring system to monitor its entire premises including the area around the perimeter.

A total of eight analog PTZ cameras were installed on the premises. These were connected via the nearest switch to VIVOTEK VS7100 video servers, which have been configured as a VPN of their corporate network. These cameras are used to monitor personnel entry to and exit from the premises, perimeter area, parking area, internal roads, passages, reception area and loading/unloading bays. For another of their facilities situated about 15 kilometers from this location, they have installed 12 IP7138 cameras, which are used indoors to monitor entry/exit areas, the reception area, cafeteria, and hallways. The newly launched 32-channel central management software ST7501 was also used to enhance system management efficiency. The client software was also installed for the new premises.

The surveillance system has been successfully deployed. Now the facility manager can monitor through his laptop, and can control the entire process while sitting in his cubicle. He can check the facility and the activity of security personnel. He can monitor vehicle movement around the premises, can monitor unauthorized loitering.
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