VIVOTEK's Audio Capture Capabilities Make a Big Difference in Brazilian Jewelry Chain
It is obvious that sophisticated and reliable surveillance is an absolute must for a jewelry store. One of Brazilís best-known jewelry store chains, which for security reasons shall here remain nameless, is no exception. Naturally, the primary reason that the jewelry chain sought a surveillance system was to guard against theft of its high-priced merchandise. However, its management also hoped to use the same system to monitor, and subsequently improve, the customer service provided by its employees.
VIVOTEK distributor Alpha-Digi worked together with system integrator Ferraz Telecom on the project to provide the jewelry chain with just such a dual-purpose system. The jewelry chain had specified that it hoped to use a single video camera to monitor each store as a whole, as well as multiple cameras to film and record audio at in-store locations where employees typically interacted with customers, such as the merchandise display area and the payment counter.

Informed of these requirements, Alpha-Digi recommended the use of one VIVOTEK PZ7111 and three IP7131 cameras in each store. According to Director Sergio Coimbra, Alpha-Digi recognized that the PZ7111ís flexible pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities would make it ideal for fulfilling the jewelry chainís initial requirement of a single camera that could effectively monitor a storeís entire retail space. On the other hand, the IP7131 immediately came to mind when the jewelry chain mentioned the desire to both film the interaction between employees and customers, and monitor the conversations that took place. "Itís a natural for this type of application," notes Coimbra, noting its solid, built-in support for audio capture.
Ferraz agreed with Alpha-Digiís assessment, finding the two VIVOTEK camera models to be a perfect fit for the jewelry chainís needs. As a result, one PZ7111 and three IP7131 cameras were installed in each of 120 stores throughout Brazil. The resulting setup has proved capable of fulfilling the dual mission envisioned for them by the jewelry chain. Not only is a single PZ7111 able to provide coverage of an entire store, but as Coimbra explains, "The stores attached an external microphone to each IP7131, and that was enough to clearly capture all the conversation between employees and customers."

Alpha-Digi paired the VIVOTEK hardware with video management software from Aimentis, giving the jewelry chain powerful features such as bandwidth management, video compression, and intelligent video analysis. According to Coimbra, the setup works seamlessly and, he adds, "I think weíve not only met their expectations, but exceeded them with this combination of VIVOTEK hardware and Aimentis software."
Indeed, the jewelry chainís experience has been so positive that it is anxious to extend the VIVOTEK-based surveillance system to even more of its retail outlets throughout Brazil.
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