Ingeominas Monitors Colombian Volcano with VIVOTEK Network Cameras
Ingeominas, the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining, has been using VIVOTEK's IP7361 network cameras to monitor volcanic activity in the country since late 2009. The successful deployment allows Ingeominas to alert people living in the area in case of potentially dangerous volcanic activity and provides data for scientific analysis as well.


Volcanic environments are an extreme challenge for any surveillance system due to the high temperature, dust, and the corrosive gases present. An extremely rugged camera that can last in the unforgiving environment in and around an active volcano is a must, and that is why VIVOTEK’s Colombian distributor recommended the IP7361. The IP7361‘s durability is the result of an IP67-rated housing that ensures proper functioning in all types of weather conditions-and that enables it to stand up to anything the volcano can throw it.
This is a high-end network bullet camera built for outdoor surveillance, chosen not just for its durability, but also for its ability to provide Ingeominas with the necessary image quality, both during the day and at night. Ingeominas is using 12 IP7361 cameras along with solar-power wireless networking equipment, needed to provide over-the-air data links to the physically isolated cameras.

The IP7361 boasts high-definition 2-megapixel (1600 x 1200) resolution, allowing for the delivery of extremely detailed images and area of coverage six times larger than provided by a VGA-resolution camera. The ePTZ function enables Ingeominas to quickly move the camera’s physical orientation and for close-up shots without moving the camera physically, which is naturally a necessary feature for the installation.
Another IP7361 feature that is an important advantage for Ingeominas is the IP7361’s auto-iris capability, which protects the lens from damage induced by direct sunlight. To adapt to changing lighting conditions throughout the day and deliver superior image quality around the clock, the camera is equipped with a removable IR-cut filter and IR illuminators.
As for the actual performance of the IP7361 cameras, according to Ingeominas, they have more than lived up to high expectations. A spokesperson indicated that IP7361 has proved perfect in its role as Ingeominas’ "eyes" on the volcano, with useful features, great picture quality, and the toughness to stand up to the harsh environment.
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