VIVOTEK Cameras Help Improve Health Care Quality in Brazilian City
Long lines at public hospitals, long delays for people needing a doctor’s care-these are common problems afflicting health care in many Brazilian cities. The city of Americana in the state of São Paulo, though, is working hard to improve the quality of health care services. It is doing it with the help of 28 VIVOTEK TC5300 cameras.


These network cameras are being used in an extensive surveillance system covering all the health centers and public hospitals in this city of 200,000-plus people. Each facility has a camera installed in public areas, with live video feeds including audio accessible over the Internet by the persons designated by the city’s Department of Health, as well as the mayor. The cameras are managed using the Digifort administration package developed by a Brazilian ISV.
The project was coordinated by VIVOTEK distributor Alpha-Digi with a local system integrator. According to an Alpha-Digi spokesperson, the TC5330 was chosen for the project because of its compact design and discreet appearance, necessary because of the hospital environment where it would be installed, as well as its excellent audio capture capabilities and excellent compatibility with the Digifort management software.

Customer Feedbacks
With the mayor accessing the video feeds from all the VIVOTEK cameras right in his office and calling up the persons in the charge at the Department of Health when he spots any problems in the service provided to citizens at the city’s health care institutions, and demanding improvement, service quality and efficiency have improved noticeably. So even though the implementation of the system was kept low-key, higher levels of patient satisfaction are being reported.
In fact, even the employees of the health care facilities where the VIVOTEK camera-based monitoring have been deployed are happy to know that the situation is being monitored, and the true sources of any problems can be pinpointed and resolved. One employee at a hospital, who wished to remain anonymous, reported, "Sometimes we get a call from the mayor asking us about the care we’re giving citizens. That really impressed us, because it shows that he’s concerned with people’s health here in Americana."
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