VIVOTEK Cameras to Let Mothers Keep An Eye on Their Newborns
The Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie, known in English as the Hospital of Notre Dame, is a leading medical care facility in Tournai, one of the two oldest municipalities in Belgium. The Hospital has implemented an ambitious project making it the first hospital in the world to have monitoring cameras installed in its neonatology department-neonatology being a subspecialty of pediatrics dedicated to the care of newborn infants, particularly those born prematurely or suffering from illnesses.
VIVOTEK distributor CamProtect knew that mothers would naturally wish to see the clearest possible video of their newborns, and that is why it recommended VIVOTEKís IP7161 for the project when it was approached by the chief of the neonatology department Dr. JP STALENS. Three IP7161 cameras were installed in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) where the newborns are cared for in incubators. For viewing, monitors were installed in the six rooms in the maternity ward where the mothers of these infants stay.

According to Pascal CARETTE, CEO of CamProtect, the greatest challenge was devising the means to ensure that the correct video stream of each infant in the NICU could be easily routed to the motherís room in the maternity ward. To this end, CamProtect developed a custom video management program that provides a simple interface that nurses could use to route video accurately.
Here too, the VIVOTEK cameras proved their worth, says P. CARETTE: "The development of the app went quite smoothly thanks to the IP761ís excellent documentation, use of open standards, and clean API [application programming interface]. We were able to provide the nurses with a very easy-to-use and trouble-free application."
As for video quality, it is excellent, says P. CARETTE, with mothers delighted of course that they are able to view clear, high-resolution live video of their babies despite having to be physically separated from them.

During the planning and implementation stages, the project had already attracted media interest, with several news articles published in local newspapers and magazines. Once the project was complete and active usage began, it has even been the subject of a TV news report.
The system not only brought the hospital a great deal of extremely favorable publicity, but it has raised patient satisfaction. Another benefit is that it provides an extra level of care for the infants in the NICU, since now even nurses and doctors outside the NICU itself can easily monitor them. All in all, the project has been a resounding success for those involved in its implementation, and for those now benefiting from the crystal-clear video provided by VIVOTEKís IP7161 cameras. "This was a feel-good project if there ever was one," concludes P. CARETTE.
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