VIVOTEK Cameras Secure Lakeside Resort in Portugal
The Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa is a five-star tourist resort and residential community in Portugal. Located between the historic cities of Viseu and Coimbra, with the Aguiera Dam as a backdrop, the picturesque site covers an area of 35 hectares, and contains 152 apartments and villas, a hotel, a multi-purpose pavilion with a 400-seat restaurant, and a 400-berth marina.

In order to protect people and property, and to ensure smooth functioning of the whole enterprise, the resort found it necessary to upgrade its limited outdoor surveillance installation, and sought to VIVOTEK"s disty Visus Video(OptiVisus) in planning and implementing the project and Portugal Telecom in network infrastructure.
The resort hoped to build the new surveillance system around cameras connected to central control point over an IP network using WiMax and wired Ethernet, while integrating two analog CCTV cameras in the marina. It required cameras that could deliver excellent picture quality day and night, with robust waterproofing features to allow them to be used outdoors. An additional requirement, owing to the desire not to mar the appearance of carefully designed grounds, was that the cameras be attractively styled and discreet in appearance.

The surveillance system that OptiVisus implemented makes use of 18 VIVOTEK IP cameras, two VIVOTEK video servers, and one Qnap NVR. The solution is implemented through a centralized system for monitoring and recording of images, obtained from 20 cameras in a single video server NVR with network access to a PC and browser on the same network. A total of 12 IP7142 cameras were installed at access points and to monitor the resort"s roads. The IP7142"s WDR (wide dynamic range) sensor, which enables it capture detailed video even in high-contrast lighting conditions, made it a natural choice for these locations. Four fixed-dome FD7132 cameras were used to cover entrances to the multi-purpose pavilion at the heart of the resort, providing seamless day and night surveillance by taking advantage of the FD7132"s IR-cut filter and IR illuminator.
For the security-sensitive area around the pavilion, which includes parking lots, the resort is using a SD7151. With advanced features like a powerful 18x optical zoom lens and progressive-scan sensor, the SD7151 can capture exceptionally crisp video and images of even fast-moving objects. Its flexible pan/tilt capabilities and 128 patrolling presets were other essential features that made it right for the designated task. In addition, Portugal Telecom installed two of VIVOTEK"s VS7100 video servers, which provided a cost-effective way to integrate the marina"s existing pair of analog CCTV cameras into the new surveillance system.
According to Turrion Leite, an engineer at Portugal Telecom, the VIVOTEK cameras and video server offer "very good price/performance," and, he adds, "VIVOTEK has been excellent about supporting us as we put together this pretty complex solution at the resort. It"s turned out to be perfect for their functional requirements. They"re even pleased with the way the equipment looks!"
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