Taiwanese Water Utility Makes Real-time Surveillance A Reality
Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) is a government-run utility that provides water to nearly all citizens and businesses in Taiwan outside of Taipei City. With a total of 12 branches covering the main island of Taiwan, TWC has its 1st Branch in Keelung City, which encompasses a medium-sized urban center with very extensive mountainous areas, from which most of the water supply is sourced.
TWC's 1st Branch maintains several unmanned pumping stations and booster stations. Though these are equipped with surveillance cameras, these were stand-alone analog devices. Thus, in order to view video footage, workers had to travel to the often remote sites for manual retrieval, expending valuable time and resources. Because it was impossible to monitor the sites in real time, TWC's monitoring was by necessity reactive, only able to troubleshoot any issues after the fact, rather than detecting problems and responding immediately.

To resolve these shortcomings, TWC sought out ANNJ Technology, a VIVOTEK distributor and system integrator. In keeping with TWC's desire to preserve its investment in its existing analog cameras, ANNJ recommended installing a VIVOTEK video server supporting analog video input at each site, connecting the cameras, and routing their video feeds back the affiliated water purification plant over ADSL lines.
The pumping stations each had only a single camera present, so a VS7100 one-channel video server was used. Incorporating VIVOTEK's sophisticated VVTK-1000 SoC, and developed especially for remote surveillance applications, the VS7100 can compress raw video into either MPEG-4 or MJPEG formats to meet various picture quality and bandwidth requirements.
The booster stations with their multiple cameras called for a multi-input server, a role filled admirably by the four-channel VS2403. Not only does the VS2403 provide four analog inputs, it offers a range of advanced features perfect for remote surveillance applications like TWC's. For example, administrators can take advantage of up to three motion detection windows, pre- and post-alarm snapshots of up to 15 images per channel, and a built-in web server.

According to ANNJ sales manager Nita Yang, both front-line workers and management at TWC are delighted with the results of the adding the VIVOTEK video servers to their surveillance set-up at unmanned pumping and booster stations. Not only are they sparing the need for human patrols of the sites and manual retrieval of recorded video, but they have enabled TWC to immediately discover potential trouble and quickly work to resolve them instead of having to respond passively to problems that had been aggravated due to the delay before discovery.
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