Italian Radio Station Safeguards infrastructure with VIVOTEK Cameras
Radio R101 is one of the largest national radio stations in Italy. To provide coverage throughout the country, R101 maintains a number of repeater stations to transmit signals over long distances. These stations are often in remote locations and are unattended. To compensate for the lack of direct monitoring of equipment operations by technicians, and also to continue preventing access by unauthorized personnel, R101 wished to implement a new surveillance system of sufficient sophistication at these repeater stations.

Solutions provider Europlanet was tasked with the project, whose budget was quite constrained. Extensive testing was undertaken before deploying any cameras because of a concern that the powerful electromagnetic fields produced by the repeater stations might interfere with their operation or affect video quality. However, VIVOTEK's IP cameras passed this initial test, as well as checks for compatibility with the radio station's existing management software, with flying colors. Thus, it was decided to install VIVOTEK cameras, connecting them to R101s IP network infrastructure and integrating them with the software platforms already in use.

The next issue to be faced was which cameras to install at each site. For the majority of repeater stations, VIVOTEK's PZ7131 was selected. A total of twelve were deployed at various locations. According Maurizio Giovanelli, solutions director at Europlanet, this camera was chosen because the sites required PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) functionality, while the camera's affordable pricing helped keep the project within budget.
Because the repeater station in Parma presented only a small area to be monitored, the zoom-less PT7135 was chosen, as it is a highly cost-effective choice for remote monitoring of sites where zoom in not needed, but where a wide pan/tilt range that allows security personnel to pinpoint any position in the coverage area within seconds is necessary. Repeater stations in Milan required monitoring of far larger areas, which is why Europlanet recommended VIVOTEK's PZ7122, which offers full ePTZ functionality, including 10x optical zoom for clear imaging of even locations away from the immediate vicinity of the camera.

Customer Feedbacks
According to Giovanelli, the VIVOTEK camera-based surveillance system has proven its worth to the radio station. "They are very happy with the picture quality, because it's clear enough to see the status of the equipment in their repeater stations. Their technicians can constantly check things out, instead of waiting for a problem to happen that might impact service."
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