Important Museum in Chile Revamps Surveillance with Variety of VIVOTEK Cameras
El Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos ("The Museum of Memory and Human Rights") is an institution in Santiago, Chile documenting the violence and human rights abuses that occurred in the country during the Pinochet era, and commemorating its victims. The new museum sought a surveillance system based on compact, unobtrusive cameras that would not disrupt the dignified appearance of its galleries and other spaces.

To this end, the museum approached solutions provider Panoramica. The museum already had robust Internet infrastructure throughout its facilities, so Panoramica immediately recommended the use of VIVOTEK IP cameras supplied by distributor Infokruse to take advantage. The museum readily assented, and a total of 62 were eventually installed - 14 FD7160, 9 PZ7111, 31 FD7132, 2 IP7330, and 6 SD7151 cameras.
In using such a wide variety of cameras, Panoramica was seeking just the right model for each particular location. For example, to monitor corridors, Panoramica selected the PZ7111 with its flexible pan and tilt features, which enabled a single unit to replace multiple analog cameras with their fixed views. Naturally, VIVOTEK cameras with infrared support for nighttime surveillance were deployed for sensitive outdoor locations that require round-the-clock monitoring, such as entrances and balconies. In addition, the museum is also taking advantage of ST7501 software to easily manage its new fleet of cameras.

According to the museum's security director Mr. Marco Gonzalez, "The picture quality with these cameras is so much better than with our old analog cameras. There is just no comparison." He praises the VIVOTEK megapixel cameras in particular, calling them a "huge benefit" because a single unit can replace multiple VGA-class cameras. Moreover, their support for multiple streams that can be recorded independently was a perfect match for the museum's established security workflow.
One of the museum's primary concerns, being a museum, was that the cameras have an attractive low-key appearance so as not to disturb the visual harmony of exhibition areas. Even here, the VIVOTEK cameras excel. Mr. Marco Gonzalez exults, "This is exactly what we need for museum surveillance. Everything is convenient, beautiful, and easy to use."
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