Thai Supermarket Dramatically Improves Security with VIVOTEK Network Cameras
SuperCheap is a leading supermarket chain in the world-famous tourist paradise of Phuket in Thailand. As the popular chain's name implies, the chain is focused on value-priced groceries and household items, attracting budget-conscious shoppers-and, unfortunately, a large contingent of determined shoplifters as well.

The company had long maintained a CCTV surveillance system in its stores to counter shoplifting and nighttime trespassing. However, the system's performance had been less than completely satisfactorily. In particular, the picture quality that the CCTV cameras provided was often insufficient to be useful to law enforcement in identifying suspects. For instance, video shot in bright sunlight by cameras installed outdoors was washed out, and low resolution affected the detail that could be captured even when lighting was ideal.
To remedy these weaknesses, SuperCheap turned to surveillance systems vendor TSolutions. After evaluating SuperCheap’s sites and requirements, TSolution recommended a new system based on VIVOTEK IP cameras. TSolutions account manager recalls, "We explained that using networked IP cameras would let them view video from any of the cameras in real time. Plus, the much better picture quality of the VIVOTEK cameras was a clear advantage." Still, account manager relates, despite the apparent shortcomings in its existing system, the chain was initially reluctant to make the leap to networked, digital video cameras from the more familiar analog CCTV cameras.
Finally, after TSolutions had carefully explained the benefits of using networked IP camera technology and made the case for VIVOTEK cameras specifically, SuperCheap agreed to a pilot project using one of its supermarkets as a testbed. Mungkorn Nam-rueng, IT Manager at SuperCheap, says the company was so pleased at the huge advance in picture quality that it decided to expand the pilot project to three more stores.

Altogether, a total of 38 VIVOTEK cameras were used for the project. Three IP8332 cameras were installed to monitor store entrances, and an additional four around SuperCheap's warehouse. Made for outdoor night-and-day surveillance applications, the IP8332 immediately resolved the lighting level issues that had afflicted SuperCheap's CCTV cameras. Inside the stores, TSolution deployed 23 FD8134 cameras. Like the IP8332, the FD8134 captures exceptionally crisp high-resolution 1280x800 video at 30 fps, but is designed for indoor environments. Finally, eight IP7160 cameras were also installed inside the stores, but used for a broad view of the entire floor area, a usage scenario that the camera’s fisheye lens, 2-megapixel resolution, and ePTZ functionality makes it eminently suited to.

The results have won over initially skeptical SuperCheap, says Mungkorn. "We're very happy with the picture quality. With this open system, we can keep the video footage in a standard network device such as a NAS, PC, or server. We can also manage and monitor the status of all cameras and storage in real time." Given the success, SuperCheap now plans to expand its new VIVOTEK IP camera-based surveillance system to other stores in the near future.
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