Thai Airport Relies on VIVOTEK Cameras to Monitor Taxiway
Phuket International Airport is a busy transport hub serving a world-famous tourist attraction. It recently undertook a project to provide better monitoring of the taxiway connecting runways to the terminal and other facilities.

Impressed with high resolution and excellent overall picture quality of VIVOTEK's IP8332, the airport awarded Group Security System a contract to install four units at strategic locations on the taxiway and by the boarding gates, along with VIVOTEK's ST7501 video management software.
Installation proved to be extremely easy, as the airport took advantage of the IP8332's support for 802.3af-compliant PoE, enabling the airport to use existing Ethernet infrastructure to both power the cameras and handle data traffic. The IP8332 provides the airport with a dramatic improvement in video quality through its megapixel sensor, raising the 720 x 486 resolution of its previous cameras all the way to 1280 x 800.
Naturally, with the safety of passengers and expensive aircraft at stake, cameras monitoring the taxiway must perform equally well in low-light conditions at night, which the IP8332 does, thanks to its removable IR-cut filter and IR illuminators. Moreover, to cope with the necessarily challenging conditions at the hectic facility, the IP8332 provides robust protection against dust, fumes, and debris, as well as rain, through its IP66-rated housing.

Customer Feedback
In addition to being pleased at the ease and speed with which the new cameras were installed and commenced monitoring the taxiway, the airport praises the scalability of the VIVOTEK solution. Security director says, "The scalability means we can expand the installation to an unlimited number of cameras without having to use proprietary hardware."
Sales manager at TSOLUTIONS, who followed up with the airport to gauge their satisfaction with the new VIVOTEK cameras, adds: "The customer is really happy with the picture quality. They tell me that it lets them identify airplanes faster and makes the airport even safer. And now that they know about this technology, they say that they may deploy more units to cover other important areas at the airport in the future."
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