Brazilian Residential Community Moves Up to VIVOTEK Surveillance System
Condominium Villagio Bourbon is an upscale residential community in the city of Maringá in the Brazilian state of Paraná. Over the past year or so, the community's steering committee had become increasingly aware of the limitations of the analog CCTV system used to maintain residents' security. Moreover, worsening problems of burglary and robbery made the need for improved surveillance even more pressing.

AlphaDigi, VIVOTEK's authorized distributor in Brazil, carried out an extensive survey of the community to determine the most effective solution for protecting people and property, as well as streamlining administration. AlphaDigi's official partner, CompuStar Ltd, a company specializing in high tech networks solutions, was chosen to implement the surveillance system.
A total of 55 VIVOTEK network cameras were installed in strategic areas to maximize the efficiency of the system. Each camera was carefully selected based on the individual location requirements.
More than half of the cameras used-35 to be exact-are IP7361 units installed along streets, at intersections, and around gateways. With their advanced two-megapixel sensors, these cameras can capture the extremely clear, detailed video needed by security staff or law enforcement to make positive identification of persons of interest. IP67-rated weather-proofing ensures that they can function reliably outdoors.
Nine IP7142 cameras are used in the same type of locations as the IP7361, but in cases where high-contrast lighting conditions prevail. The IP7142's support for WDR enhancement technology ensures that details are clearly and accurately captured throughout the field of view, even when both dark and bright areas are present.
The remaining cameras-two IP7161, eight TC5330, and one FD7131-were deployed to monitor the community's country club and health club. A critical feature for these environments is the privacy masks provided by the latter two camera models. The FD7131 discreet size and superior performance in low-light conditions are other pluses.

All the cameras are centrally managed using VIVOTEK's professional-grade 32-channel ST7501 software for real-time monitoring and recording. Video feeds are viewed on two 42-inch Full HD monitors taking advantage of ST7501's Virtual Matrix feature to flexibly display multiple feeds on a single screen.
With VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system, Villagio Bourbon Community's security staff can keep an eye on every location throughout the community's public spaces, indoors and out. The surveillance system has enabled the steering committee to achieve its mandated goal of providing a secure and comfortable living environment for residents in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective.
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