Brazilian Residential Community Moves Up to VIVOTEK Surveillance System
Vale is a diversified multinational corporation based in Brazil that is the world's second-largest mining company. Vale recently embarked on a project to upgrade enterprise security at its operations in the Sao Paulo area, which include mines, logistics zones, and offices.

With the varied character of the site, a mix of cameras was necessary to meet the specific requirements of different locations. In the end, 49 IP7153 cameras were installed in both indoor and outdoor locations; 28 FD7131 cameras are used for indoor surveillance; and 3 SD7313 cameras were deployed outdoors.
Each of the camera models was chosen by system integrator ENGESEG for the project because of specific advantages they would bring to a particular surveillance role. The IP7153 was selected because its progressive scan sensor is especially well suited for applications where extremely clear video and images of fast-moving objects must be captured. Its removable IR-cut filter delivers superior picture quality both day and night. The FD7131 provides a wide-angle variable-focus lens for maximum coverage. Its sophisticated three-axis mount mechanism allowed it to be easily installed in any indoor location required by Vale. The SD7313 is a high-performance speed dome that incorporates a powerful 35x zoom lens, which enables it to capture distant objects clearly, while its WDR (wide dynamic range) capabilities enable it to accurately render detail in both light and dark areas in high-contrast fields of view.

According to Mr Elder, Security Supervisor at Vale, the biggest challenge in implementing Vale's new surveillance system was integrating it into the company's existing telecommunications, computing, and security infrastructure. Fortunately, support for IP network connections in the VIVOTEK cameras eased the integration process.
All video is routed to a server running video recording software located in Vale's Data Center, where it is archived. Live video feeds are monitored using multiple copies of VIVOTEK's VAST application, which are installed in PCs in key monitoring stations, such as at entry points to the site and security centers, located around the perimeter of Vale's site.

Customer Feedback
Elder explains that aside from reliability, Vale's primary concern for the system was that it be easy to access the cameras and monitor video feeds from any of the existing monitoring stations if necessary. By Elder's account, the results were excellent. "The picture quality is great," he adds, "and that means surveillance is more reliable. We can trust the VIVOTEK cameras to give us the detail we need to catch suspicious activity and identify intruders. The IP support has also helped us streamline our workflow because we can do everything over the network."
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