Egypt's Beni-Suief Governorate Stays Secure with Help of VIVOTEK Cameras
Beni-Suief, one of Egypt's governorates-an administrative region that may correspond to a single large city or to a larger geographical area equivalent to what is a province in other countries- recently adopted VIVOTEK cameras and VAST software to help its police department monitor key locations. System integrator Arabian Information System (AIS) handled the project in collaboration with distributor C&CC.
Hassan Ragaa, AIS Executive Manager, explains that AIS selected three different models of VIVOTEK cameras to meet the particular needs of the various sites that the police aimed to monitor. AIS also recommended that Beni-Suief adopt VIVOTEK's VAST central management software to provide easy access both from police headquarters and, by taking advantage of VAST's robust client/server architecture, from remote clients.

One FD7160 was installed in a patrol car. Designed specifically for transport applications, the compact fixed-dome FD7160 is a two-megapixel camera that provides sufficiently clear detail to enable Beni-Suief police to make positive identification of any suspicious persons and render car license plates easily legible when caught on video. AIS installed a Etisalat GSM router in the patrol car for use with the FD7160, enabling the camera to provide real-time video over the GSM cellular network, while footage is also stored for backup on a memory card inserted in the camera's MicroSD/SDHC slot.
Two VIVOTEK SD7323 speed-dome cameras are used to monitor the two main city squares in the governorate's capital city, also called Beni-Suief. According to Ragaa, this model was chosen because its powerful 35x zoom enables it to capture clear close-ups of persons throughout the large area each of the two cameras covers. The excellent nighttime monitoring capabilities were also an essential feature, enabling the police to obtain reliably detailed surveillance video around the clock.
Ten IP7142 cameras are used for monitoring major roads and the main entry points into the governorate. The IP66-rated ruggedized weather-proof housing and night filming capabilities made them a logical choice for these locations. In addition, their Wide Dynamic Range CMOS sensor enables them to obtain clear details in both dark and light areas in the same field of view.

Customer Feedbacks
According to spokesperson (General Mostafa) of the governorate's police department, "We have obtained impressive results. The VIVOTEK cameras and software give us with the ability to monitor important places in the governorate so we can stay informed of the security and traffic conditions. They've helped us make our governorate safer."
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