Tunisian industrial Giant Goes All in with VIVOTEK
The Poulina Group was the first private-sector holding company in Tunisia, and is today the country's premier business conglomerate, encompassing 75 companies spanning industries from food production to steelmaking and real estate.
With its extensive manufacturing facilities, Poulina must monitor heavy vehicular activity, enormous volumes of raw materials and finished goods, and a large workforce. According to the company, its primary objectives for its surveillance system are to ensure worker and visitor safety by checking compliance with internal regulations, protect against theft, and track physical assets and workflows.

When it decided on an overhaul of its surveillance infrastructure, Poulina evaluated numerous suppliers and solutions for the first phase, finally choosing a solution from VIVOTEK distributor Waycon and its system integration partner Aster Informatique.
To monitor its production areas, Poulina is using 15 FD8161. A high-end 2-megapixel fixed-dome network camera that has proved popular for wide-open environments such as airports, the FD8161 was chosen not only for its extra-wide field of view, but also for its ePTZ feature, which allows security staff to take advantage of close-up video of different areas in the view.
The workhorse of Poulina's new surveillance system is VIVOTEK's IP7153, with 120 of the cameras monitoring various outdoor environments such as parking lots and loading docks. The IP7153 can capture crisply detailed high-resolution video of even moving objects and people, thanks to its progressive scan CCD sensor. A contingent of 15 VIVOTEK IP7161 is also used for outdoor day-and-night surveillance of particularly sensitive locations. With its advanced 2-megapixel sensor, it delivers the exceptionally sharp high-definition video necessary for accurate identification of individuals, license plate numbers, or other objects of interest. Four IZ7151 cameras, with their powerful 18x optical zoom lens were chosen for monitoring facility access from a distance, while two speed domes also capable high optical zoom multiples-the SD7151 at 18x and the SD7313 at 35x-were chosen for traffic control.

Customer Feedback
The project has already proved a resounding success, as its impact on problems such as theft has been immediately noticed. According to a Poulina spokesperson, "We have already recouped our investment after just a few months of using the new system, because the number of incidents has been drastically reduced." The project has been such a success, in fact, that Waycon and Aster have signed an agreement to extend the already extensive VIVOTEK-based infrastructure to cover all of Poulina's sites and complete its surveillance overhaul.
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