VIVOTEK Solutions Enhance Security at Spanish Sports Facilities
Two of historic Spanish city Granada’s most prominent sports facilities are the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes stadium and the adjoining Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada arena located in the suburb of Zaidín. The former is used mostly for football matches, while the latter plays host to basketball games, and occasionally cultural events such as concerts.
GECSA, the city government enterprise that administers both facilities along with the police department, recently sought out security solutions vendor GUNNEBO and TECNIMATIC as IT & Security local installer to implement a project to install additional surveillance cameras in the stadium, and integrate the arena’s existing analog cameras into an IP-based infrastructure. The object of the project was to provide sophisticated 24-hour surveillance, monitoring access and spectator activity both during events and off-hours, as well as to record sports matches for archival purposes.

At the stadium, 20 VIVOTEK cameras-including the SD7323, IZ7151, IP7142, and FD7132-were used at strategic locations. One SD7323 is installed on each of the four towers on which the main stadium lights are mounted. Designed for demanding outdoor surveillance applications, the SD7323 not only features IP67-rated weatherproofing, but also EIS (electronic image stabilizer) technology to mitigate the effect of camera vibration due to wind and ensure a stable image. Despite the considerable height where they are installed, and the fact that there are only four SD7323 cameras, full coverage of the spectator areas is possible due to the powerful 35x optical zoom. These cameras also monitor the areas outside entrance/exit gates, which are often trouble spots for rowdier fans.
For additional monitoring of access points, cameras were installed at the gates and also revolving doors to increase safety. The IZ7151 is needed to smaller areas than is the SD7323, so its still-powerful 18x optical zoom was sufficient, while a progressive scan CCD ensures exceptionally clear, detailed video, useful for positive identification of miscreants should the need arise. The IP7142 is utilized for areas with high-contrast lighting environments, such as the entrance to locker rooms, due to its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor, which enables it to capture detail cleanly in both dark and bright areas in the same field of view.

The other part of the project, to upgrade the arena’s analog surveillance system to a digital IP-based one was implemented by using VIVOTEK’s VS7100 server. Ideal for such projects, it allows the city to preserve its investment in existing analog CCTV cameras, while bringing the advantages of a digital IP-based surveillance system to the facility-specifically by converting the analog video to digital form for management with the NUUO IP+ video recording software that the GECSA is using.
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