Large Indian Commercial Complex Makes Most of VIVOTEK Surveillance Solution
Visited by around a million people every month, Phoenix Market City is a large, bustling complex consisting of a mall, independent shops, night clubs, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment facilities in the heart of India's commercial capital, Mumbai.
Management wished to provide more effective security, better monitor the movement of cars and people, prevent theft, and have a video record of any incidents that occurred. They also hoped that the use of surveillance cameras would allow Phoenix Market City to reduce the number of guards hired from an expensive security service. In addition, the government had issued a directive to facilities, such as the Phoenix Market City, to heighten security in the face of increasing threats from terrorism, providing additional impetus for the move.


Distributor and system integrator, Livedarshan, won the contract to provide surveillance cameras for the project. According to Livedarshan project manager, Mr.Pawan Asrani, the major challenge of the project was the sheer expanse of the area that management wished the cameras to cover, while simultaneously hoping to keep costs low by using as few cameras as possible.

After evaluating the project requirements, Livedarshan settled on VIVOTEK's high-performance PZ7111 network camera as the best solution. With its 10x optical zoom, it can effectively monitor points both proximate to and distant from the camera itself, while its 300 pan and 135 tilt provide an extensive lateral and vertical range of coverage.
Livedarshan implemented a wireless network using WiFi routers to transmit video feeds from the cameras to a centralized control center, where a comprehensive video management system was easily implemented using the ST7501 software bundled with the PZ7111. Head Security Officer, Mr.Shirke, operates the system from this location, while the ST7501s client/server architecture also provides access to authorized personnel elsewhere on the network.

The new surveillance system has already realized concrete results, reducing the amount of theft. Break-ins of vehicles in the complex's parking lots have been sharply reduced, and employees attempting to steal property have been apprehended through video footage evidence. According to Mr.Shirke, the system allows him to very easily control cameras to view specific locations and zoom in on suspicious persons, while automatically archived footage can be used to review any incidents of interest. He says in summary, "I'm very happy with the way the system is performing, and the company is saving thousands of rupees per month."
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