French Supermarket Makes VIVOTEK IP7361 as Its Choice
Intermarché is large French supermarket chain, noted for its many convenient locations, affordable prices, and smaller "people-friendly" stores. The chain is organized as around 2000 independent stores whose owners utilize the shared brand, symbolized by a familiar black-and-red musketeer logo, but who are able to run their businesses with a great deal of autonomy.
One such store, Intermarche de Wambrechies, located in the town of Wambrechies in the far north of France, recently upgraded its surveillance system, installing 14 VIVOTEK IP7361 cameras on the recommendation of value-added distributor Conectis. The cameras were deployed for surveillance both inside and outside the store, and interoperate with a third-party NVR augmented by additional high-speed hard disk drives for storage.

Jeremy IEZZI Video IP Product Manager at Conectis, explains that the choice of the IP7361 was suggested by the store's desire that the camera not only be able to provide extremely clear video for identification purposes, but also that it be able to provide such footage without needing to be placed so close to customers that it felt intrusive. "The IP7361 fit the bill perfectly," he says, noting the camera's high-definition two-megapixel (1600 x 1200) resolution. The fact that the IP7361 can cover six times more area than can a conventional VGA camera meant that the store could reduce the number of cameras needed, another point in VIVOTEK's favor.
Though designed primarily for outdoor surveillance applications-with an IP67-rated housing, tamper detection features, and mounting bracket that conceals all cabling-the IP7361 proved so impressive to the store that it decided to use the same model inside the store as well as outside. "The store liked the compact, neat looks of the IP7361," says Jeremy IEZZI "especially the way it keeps the cables hidden." Given its usual use in outdoor environments, the IP7361 naturally offers robust nighttime recording capabilities, which include infrared illuminators, so that it provides crisp, detailed surveillance footage 24 hours a day.

According to Jeremy IEZZI, the Intermarche de Wambrechies, the IP7361 has shown itself to be the right choice for the store. "The picture quality is very, very good," he says, "even at night. Our customer also like the PoE connection so he can use Ethernet cables for power instead of needing separate electrical cords for all the cameras. That's a very nice feature for our customer. VIVOTEK cameras give to our customer the discreet, high-quality video surveillance he was looking for."
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